Are You Fit To Sell?

Home Are You Fit To Sell?

Consider having your home inspected before you list it. In doing this, you will learn if there are any major repairs needed and can address them before the house goes on the market. This also shows the buyers and their agent that you have been proactive. When it comes to finding the right home inspector, your SILMEXICO agent is a great source for recommending someone.

Once the inspection is completed, you will be able to determine the next steps in preparing your home for sale.

  • This are a few examples for you to keep in mind:
  •  Do your electric installation works properly?
  •  Do you have a fuse box or electrical panel?
  •  What kind of electric installation do you have?
  •  What condition is your plumbing in?
  •  How old is your HAVC?
  •  How often do you replace your HAVC´s filters?
  •  Do you have a water softener?
  •  Is your roof in good condition?
  •  Are your windows in good condition?
  •  What condition is your foundation in?
  •  If you have a deck or patio, what condition are they in?
  •  Do you have any water problems?
  •  Have you had problems with mold and mildew?

Your house needs to be neat, clean and orderly in preparing it for sale. Organizing and pre-packing items that are not regularly used will create a spacious feeling. Storage is one of the top items on a buyer’s list; therefore it’s necessary to show that your home has the space desired.Things to think about

  •  Does each room in your house feel spacious?
  •  Is your house clean from top to bottom?
  •  Pre-pack all items that you do not need while selling your house
  •  Pre-pack off-season clothing and items
  •  Decide where you can store your boxes and extra items
  •  How does your garage look?
  •  If your basement is unfinished and used for storage, how does it look?
  • (Front, Back & Side Yard)

Your exterior says a lot about how your home is maintained both inside and out. It creates a lasting impression when buyers drive by your home or view photos online, so show them that your property is well cared for. When buyers see an attractive exterior, they will be excited to view the interior as well.

Things to keep in mind if you want to maintain or increase the value of your house.

  •  What major repairs are needed?
  •  What minor repairs are needed?
  •  Make a list of what needs to be done
  •  Sweep or shovel walkways, driveways, patio/deck
  •  Maintain front, back and side yard
  •  Place flowers on your front porch and/or in front of the garage
  •  Remove all festive lights and decorations

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