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Price for USD: $ 1,490,000.00 Bedrooms: 62 Bathrooms: 62 Construction: 1200 m²
12960 ft²
Lot size: 5000 m²
54000 ft²
Type: Status: Parking spots: 100
Internal code: CP 012 MN


PRECIO: $ 1,490,000 USD

The building can be used as a house, or, thanks to its commercial land use – unique for its zone –, as a business (Assisted Living Homes for retirees, hotel, spa, restaurant-bar, school, clinic, cultural center, art gallery, etc.) Currently it operates as a cultural center and a restaurant-bar. There’s a project to build 60 suites, each with a surface of between 40 to 60 square meters; the plans for the architectural project are attached at the end of this presentation.

The property has two facades, one in each of the 2 main streets the neighborhood has: Pedro Páramo and Pájaros del Viento. It’s precisely in the last one, Pájaros del Viento, where the third section of the La Mesa division (Malanquín Golf Club) starts; the exclusive presale lots are being sold at 350 dollars per square meter, so, in a few months, when the construction of houses starts, the zone’s value will increase, especially for this residence, since it borders them.

The house is built with stone (more than 200 trucks, each one with a 6 cubic meter capacity), adobes of 10 x 30 x 50 cms, cantera stone, mud, as well as wooden beams, doors, window frames and floors.

Most of the house’s outer walls were built with the “adobe cuatrapeado” technique used more than 100 years ago. These walls are, with a mixture of casting and leveling, 85 cm thick. The inner walls are mostly built with adobe too, although not “cuatrapeado”, and already leveled they are 35 cm thick. Other walls are fully built of stone.

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  • City: Oaxaca
  • Estado: Oaxaca
  • Neighborhood: San Miguel de Allende
  • Country: México
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