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Monday, July 10, 2023 

By Jessica Hernández

Is this your first time attending la Guelaguetza? or maybe you visit the city yearly on these dates? Whether you are a Guelaguetza beginner or almost an expert in this festivity, we will tell you today 10 curious facts that will increase your knowledge about this tradition and help you comprehend why we are so proud of it. 

1.- The Guelaguetza has its origin in pre-Hispanic times. It is worth mentioning that this festivity began with a ritual that was done to the ancient gods in the place called by the Zapotecs, Daninayaaloani, or hill of beautiful view.

2.- La Guelaguetza is the result of the mixture of the religious traditions of the Church of El Carmen Alto and indigenous beliefs. Thus creating a syncretism that gave rise to the Monday party on the hill, taking into account that Mondays are propitious for rites.

3.- The stage that serves for the celebration is located in the Cerro del Fortín. This venue had no name since its inauguration, which was in 1974, for which reason the auditorium was known as “Cerro, de la “Azucena” or “Fortín.” This changed in 1999 when the venue was given the name “Auditorio Guelaguetza.”

4.- Support in kind (chili, corn, beans, etc.) is also known as Guelaguetza, which is carried out in the communities when festivities are held. This support is reciprocal, that is, when it is provided to the person who requires it, they are obliged to repay the support that was given. People from the communities do it as a way of showing interest in their customs or in what their family member is doing or celebrating. 

5.- La Guelaguetza has an “Authenticity Committee” that is in charge of certifying that all activities comply with the traditions of the event.

6.- It is considered the biggest and most important racial festival in Latin America.

7.- Nowadays, In addition to witnessing the Guelaguetza live in the auditorium, it is broadcast on social networks as well as on television by the local Oaxaca channel, CORTV.

8.- The most loved and acclaimed dance by those who witness the festivity is “flor de piña”, from the Tuxtepec region, it was presented for the first time in 1958. 

9.- There are more than 600 dancers and musicians who perform on “Los Lunes del cerro” 

10.- This 2023 the Guelaguetza is turning 91 years. 

Now you know more about this festival, you are ready to enjoy it the next 2 Mondays and share with all Oaxacan people a blast. Enjoy at the Zocalo the big figures representing the dancers from the different regions of the state and do not father memorable pictures.

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