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Autumn has arrived in the northern hemisphere and with it the unique landscapes that its climate gives us, and walking among dry leaves, seeing how the trees and trails are painted in orange and brown colors is undoubtedly a visual delight. Feeling the fresh air and enjoying our favorite hot beverage is undoubtedly the best thing about autumn. 

For many people, autumn is our favorite time of the year, specifically because it is an excellent time to travel, the reasons and advantages are explained here.

Low season = lower prices

The fall months are considered low season compared to summer, so you will find much lower prices for flights and lodging, even restaurants also offer deals. You can also find complete tour packages at special prices.

Fewer crowds, more tranquility

Many people due to their work or school vacations can only travel in summer, so in autumn you can enjoy the places without so many people, especially if you choose to visit small towns, or places closer to nature, you will experience a unique and necessary disconnection to get out of the routine.


Nicer weather

The weather in autumn is really pleasant because it is the ideal middle point between cold and heat, so you can visit your chosen destinations without the suffocating heat of the other seasons, your skin will thank you since the incidence of the sun’s rays is lower.

Enjoy Mexican traditions

This is the time of the year when the greatest tradition of the Mexican people takes place: The Day of the Dead. In many places in Mexico, this celebration begins on October 31st, however, the most significant days are November 1st and 2nd, when, according to their tradition, Mexicans honor their loved ones who are no longer on the earthly plane. If you want to know more about this tradition and how it is experienced in Oaxaca, remember to read our blog Traditions of Oaxaca, Day of the Dead.


So don’t wait any longer and take advantage of this time to visit your dream place, whether it’s the beach, the city, or a small town, you will find memorable spots that will surely be recorded in the photographs of your trip. Every corner of Mexico has something magical to show you, so we are sure that whatever place you visit you will fall in love and want to come back.


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