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24 de julio de 2023 

Escrito por Lic. Jéssica Hernandez

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Whether it is to live, or for investment purposes, acquiring a property is a solemn transaction and must be considered by the parties involved as such. The buying-selling process can be very simple to the extent that both the buying and selling parties provide, on the one hand, the necessary documentation, and on the other, the economic resource. That is why, if you are close to acquiring any type of property, it is necessary that you check that the owner of the property has the following documents:

1. Current official identification of the owner(s)

2. Deeds in the name of the seller, in case the property is communal/ ejidal, there must be a certificate of possession

3. cadastral certificate

4. felling and demarcation

5. Freedom of lien

6. Current property tax receipt

7. Water and electricity bills

8. Marriage or divorce certificate, if applicable.

9. Plan of the land and subdivision (in case of being in a subdivision)


10. Updated tax status certificate 


At SILMÉXICO we always make sure that when listing a property all the documentation is in order, in this way, we offer the certainty to all our clients that their purchase is safe and that their investment will be the best.

Do you have questions about this documentation? Come to our consultancy headquarters at Sabinos #711, Colonia Reforma, Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca, and contact us at (+52)951-127-1380, or send us an email at Our legal team will be happy to help you with your doubts and take the big step in acquiring your new property. 


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