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Mexico is par excellence the favorite vacation destination of thousands of foreigners, the reasons are many, because its unique landscapes, its vast gastronomy, the greatness of its customs and traditions, and the hospitality of its inhabitants, are what make people from all over the world fall in love with the territory and motivate them to visit it more than once.

Due to this tourist boom that the country has presented for years, the demand for foreigners is not only focused on short stays, but now they are looking for a place in Mexico to be their permanent residence. This is the specific case of the baby boomers, those people who were born between 1946 and 1964, that is, those between 59 and 77 years of age. 

This generation seeks to retire after a long and busy working life, to lead a life in a quiet place with a pleasant climate, and which is also affordable in terms of food, electricity, water, electricity and health services. It is precisely most of the Mexican territory that meets these characteristics, whether in coastal communities, small towns close to the city, or in large cities, baby boomers choose Mexico as their new and final home.

Here are the best places in the country that retired foreigners choose as the best:

Oaxaca City and Coast

The entire state of Oaxaca is the dream place to retire, whether in the city, where there are museums, art galleries, colonial buildings, among many other attractions, or on the coast on its beautiful beaches with crystal clear blue-green waters. Those who choose this southern Mexican state report that the charm of its traditions, the majestic landscapes offered by its different ecosystems, unique dishes, the warmth of the locals, as well as the accessibility to services and the climate are the determining factors in their choice.

In addition, Oaxaca is also the ideal place to invest in the real estate sector, due to the high percentage of hospitality occupancy throughout the year, especially during the high seasons such as summer vacations, the Guelaguetza, the Day of the Dead, and the Christmas holidays.

Quintana Roo

The Mexican Caribbean is one of the preferred places for retirement due to its paradisiacal landscapes, nightlife, and cosmopolitan life, of course, its beaches with gentle waves, as well as the connection it offers with nature, all these are important factors for foreigners. In addition, this part of the Riviera Maya also represents an attractive scenario for foreign investment, as it is a place that offers the tranquility of the beach but without losing the amenities such as shopping, and entertainment centers in a big city.


The captivating pearl of the Pacific has been positioned in recent years as a dream destination, due to the living conditions offered by the place, the ocean view, the exquisite gastronomic variety, its colonial style, and of course its boardwalk, which is considered the longest in Latin America. In addition, it is a city that will continue its sustainable economic growth, an important reason to live or invest in it.


Nestled in the west of Mexico, Guadalajara, which is named as the pearl of Guadalajara, is also chosen by retirees as the perfect place to live. It is a vibrant and developed place, but still retains its culture and offers the luxuries of a big city. Its old colonial buildings embellish its grand avenues. Also, due to its development and quality of life, this city is attractive to foreigners because it has advanced health services, an excellent infrastructure, and a great variety of housing units, from the most luxurious either in the city or in its coastal city of Puerto Vallarta, to condos and simpler traditional houses.

San Miguel de Allende

Ranked in the top of the best cities in the country to live, after Oaxaca, by Travel + Leisure magazine, San Miguel de Allende is a charming and priceless architectural jewel. SMA’s climate is the most important factor for those who choose to live there, as it is temperate and without extreme cold. Its friendly and harmonious atmosphere, its colonial style, the art and culture that surrounds it, as well as the fact that it is a UNESCO World Heritage City. Given that foreign baby boomers are looking to relax, San Miguel de Allende offers all the necessary conditions to do so, in addition to its golf courses and the development of the wine industry, which are great attractions included in new real estate developments. 

Some other places that have also become preferred are Yucatan, for its beaches and safety, as well as Baja California for its proximity to the United States.

Are you thinking of moving to any of these places in Mexico? No doubt you will make a great decision, at SILMÉXICO we can guide you in the acquisition of your new home, whether on the beach or in the city. For further information contact us at info@silmexico.com or call 951 127 1380.

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