26 de julio de 2023 

Written by Jorge Santiago

Architect at SILMÉXICO


This year is half over and architectural design continues to evolve, so SILMÉXICO tells you what is the design trend you can implement in your home that will help improve not only the aesthetics but also the comfort of the spaces, and we are talking about Biophilic architecture

It is a concept that has gained importance in architectural design because what this principle seeks is to connect humans with nature to improve their well-being. Every time, there are more projects that integrate and generate a dialogue with nature, making it the protagonist of the architectural work. 

The term “biophilic” comes from the greek word philia= love/ inclination, and it is translated as “love for living things”. 

Although it seems something very new, this term began to be used by the psychologist Erich Fromm in 1964 but it was not until the 80’s that it was popularized by the biologist Edward O. Wilson, since he detected how the urban sprawl disconnected every time more humans from nature, that is why currently the projects that seek to generate true comfort for the user are involved in biophilic design, this idea has been reinforced after the pandemic revealed that contact with nature in the different spaces that human beings inhabit is essential for their comfort and well-being.

In Mexico, it is very common for architectural projects to integrate nature as a regulating element, between spaces and to help the end user feel part of the environment, and generate a spatial but also an emotional connection with nature. Nowadays, with the exponential growth of cities in the country, this is gaining more and more strength due to the natural need for comfort and connection with nature. It is precisely in Oaxaca where developers have already taken this guideline seriously and have begun to implement it in new constructions, making it clear that the idea of having a home with all the comforts is not at odds with the idea that this be in harmony with nature and connect the users with it. A faithful example of this is “Las pozas”, with its large open spaces, with huge gardens and different endemic plants of Oaxaca.

Las Pozas, new development in Oaxaca.

At SILMÉXICO we are committed to generating comfort for the user and generating real estate projects in Oaxaca and Mexico with low environmental impact that do not affect the environment, but rather get involved by creating a connection with it that helps generate quality environments.

If you are interested in this type of housing, find out about the wide range of real estate that we offer in SILMÉXICO and contact us through any of our different communication channels:




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