Monday, June 12, 2023 

By Jessica Hernández

In the article The Importance of sustainable development the term “sustainable development” was discussed and how it has been increasingly positioned in the real estate framework. As mentioned, currently more importance has been given to the conscious construction of buildings in terms of being respectful of the environment where said building is located. Due to the notable growth that has been observed in cities and the development that will come in the near future, certifications have been established whose purpose is to regulate the operation of new buildings, taking care that they contribute to the preservation of the environment and that spending of water and energy is moderate, as well as the adequate use of existing natural resources. 

Mexico ranks ninth in sustainable buildings worldwide, with a number of 305 certified buildings, which is little for the volume of buildings that exist throughout the country, which is why developers are now focused on building projects with non-invasive greens.

Below we present one of the main certifications that new developments, including some already existing ones, seek to guarantee their sustainability.


The acronym LEED (Leader in Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Design). It is a system implemented internationally and is based on market criteria to renovate and build high-efficiency sustainable buildings.

Within this certification different types depending on the type of building. Whether it is new construction, schools, shops, warehouses, hospitals, logistics centers, housing, or urban planning, among others.

Depending on the degree of sustainability and excellence of the building, 4 different levels of certification can be obtained, each with its own hallmark, according to the score obtained.  

How to obtain the certification? 

Step 1. Registration 

Register the project by completing forms for each type of certification and submitting payment of the registration fee, which is paid in advance at the time of registration. Ensure that the project meets all Minimum Requirements of the LEED program. Construction projects pursuing LEED certification must: 

  • Follow environmental laws.
  • Be a complete and permanent building.
  • Use a suitable plot or type of soil.
  • Meet the minimum floor area requirements.
  • Meet the minimum occupancy requirements.
  • Be willing to share building-wide energy and water usage data.
  • Fulfill with a minimum ratio of construction area/plot or land area. 

The can be used to register. 

Step 2. Application 

Once the project has been registered, the required documentation must be collected and submitted for review. In this step, members of the project team will identify the desired LEED credits by gathering the necessary information, performing calculations and analysis, and preparing documentation demonstrating compliance or achievement of the selected credits and prerequisites.

Once the application documentation is prepared, the application must be rigorously secured and verified before it is submitted for review. The Certification Review has an associated fee that must be paid at the time of submitting the documentation. 

Step 3. Review 

Once the application has been submitted and the certification review fee has been paid, the LEED application is thoroughly reviewed by Green Business Certification Inc (GBCI). We will get the result of the preliminary review in about 20-25 business days. They will tell us which prerequisites and credits are granted and which are marked as pending, asking us for more information if this is the case.

If you are satisfied with the results of the preliminary review, you can accept it. Conversely, if you are not satisfied, new or revised documentation can be prepared. Also, add extra credits before submitting for final review.  

Once GBCI completes the final review of your application, it can be accepted or appealed by requesting an additional supplemental review (appeal).

Step 4. Certificate

The last step but the most important is obtaining the final report and certification that your development is green and sustainable. 


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