Are you thinking about selling or renting your property? This article is of interest to you. 

At SILMÉXICO, we offer a huge range of services, including commercializing properties. Whenever we explain to our clients our process, we like to make them feel sure their property is in the best hands and we will do our best and beyond to promote it. 

It is important to mention that the market in Oaxaca has areas of higher capital gain, for instance, the center is one of the most demanded areas, especially for foreigners who look for properties of more traditional or non-modern style. However, precisely due to this high demand, there is a scarcity of properties there, nowadays, there is only one unique development called “La Merced”, a complex of 7 condos located in the heart of Oaxaca City, of which, 4 are already sold. 

Continuing with the city, Reforma neighborhood and San Felipe are also on the top of the list, these are residential areas, due to their proximity to the historic center and the numerous amenities around them, these are preferential areas too. In this zone, houses are more modern and luxurious, and their style goes according to the atmosphere of the place since this is characterized by its different fashion shops, restaurants, and malls, in other words, this is the fanciest zone of the city. 

For those who enjoy more the tranquility and silence offered by places close to nature, and away from the hustle and bustle of the city, San Andrés Huayapam and Tlalixtac de Cabrera are the perfect ones. These two are towns close to each other, and only 25 minutes from the city center. These communities are the favorite ones of foreigners who want to live in Oaxaca, since these towns still preserve their traditions, as most of the towns in the state, but what calls the attention and is interesting for locals and foreigners, is that, although Huayapam and Tlalixtac are just some minutes away, their cultures stay intact. Houses here keep the perfect balance between architecture and nature, most of them have rooftops where people can enjoy memorable sunsets with gorgeous mountains view. 

Another important area of our clients is, of course, the coast of Oaxaca, where most of the retired and digital nomads lean towards oceanfront and sea-view houses, there, is a variety of stunning properties that, even if they are immersed in nature, they do not disrupt its flora and fauna, which is the main interest of real estate developments nowadays.

At SILMÉXICO, we have had great success in the sale and rental of properties in these mentioned areas, having approximately, 2 sales closings and 4 rentals per month. We achieve our monthly goals by focusing on quality service and on timely follow-up. Whenever we list a new property, we promote it through all possible channels, our vital tool is our website, from which we get most of our leads. In addition, we accompany you throughout the sales process with legal advice. We always make sure all of the parties involved in the sales process are benefited, and that our clients feel satisfied with their investments. 

The process? Easy, first of all, we provide the clients with a list of documents that we need just to verify everything is good with the property, once our legal team gives us the green light, we proceed with the commercialization contract, once it is signed, we continue with the commercialization of the property through all of our platforms and tools, and finally, when there is a buyer or a leaseholder we help you with all the consultancy until the closing of the sale or rental. 

Come with us to market your house, commercial local, or land. We are the number 1 real estate agency in Oaxaca.

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