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San Pedro Pochutla is a city located in the south of the state of Oaxaca, which forms an important commercial, transportation and administrative center of the district of Pochutla on the coast of Oaxaca.

Pochutla hides one of the best kept secrets on the coast of Oaxaca, a virgin beach with beautiful turquoise and emerald waters surrounded by rocky slopes that also has a vibe that invites relaxation: Cuatunalco, which means “place where birds nest.”

This paradisiacal beach is located 35 minutes away from Huatulco, and since it is a little-known beach, it is still considered a virgin beach, therefore, it is important that when visiting it we are responsible and avoid leaving waste.


It is worth mentioning that it is away from the hustle and bustle and surrounded by vegetation, which makes it the ideal place for those looking to disconnect and find peace to rest, in the company of the waves of the sea, the impressive sunrises and colorful sunsets.

Cuatunalco has a story that addresses the mythical origin of the town, which tells that at the beginning of the 14th century a pirate, very feared in the waters of the Pacific, arrived at the beach of Cuatunalco and, taking into account that it had quite difficult access, He decided to hide a very large treasure among the rocks on the beach, thus founding the community of Cuatunalco.

This legend has been transmitted over time from generation to generation, where it is maintained that the valuable treasure that the pirate hid is the community itself. A paradise on the beach, with the waves of the sea as a continuous sound.

Cuatunalco has grown in recent years, but its atmosphere of tranquility has still been maintained, away from the crowds. To this day, there is no presence of large hotels or chain restaurants, however, there are excellent alternatives with all the services, which are undoubtedly responsible for offering very pleasant days.

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