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As time goes by and humanity evolves, so do its needs. In a world where technology is expanding to more and more areas, and following the ideology of ecology, tools have been developed that besides facilitating human activity and improving their quality of life, are environmentally friendly. Eco-technologies in the home are precisely the instrument that optimizes these activities, and that provide social, economic, and above all environmental benefits, since, in the real estate construction sector, they help to reduce the environmental impact of the projects.

In the Villas Biznaga development, located in Puerto Angel on the coast of Oaxaca, these actions are being implemented, which we will tell you about below.

1. Green roofs

  • Green roofs lower the temperature in interior spaces by up to 4° C.
  • The villas will conserve endemic vegetation to preserve local flora and fauna species.

2. Topography

  • Villas Biznaga adapts to the original topography of the site to reduce the impact.
  • The concrete-based construction system allows for this adaptability and low maintenance in the villas.
  • The project includes “vertua cemex” concrete to reduce the carbon footprint of the construction by 30% to 50%.

3. Minimize potable water consumption

  • Each villa has its water treatment plant (tim at10 circular) to irrigate green areas, reducing potable water consumption by up to 40%.
  • The treatment plant is an innovative system to reuse water and reduce water consumption.
  • The “Tim at” systems have been evaluated and compared with 67 other systems
  • by the University of California Davis, obtaining the best grade “A” in all categories.
  • Each villa has 2 cisterns, one for treated water from the treatment plant and one for potable water.

4. Low energy consumption

  • Natural lighting and ventilation are key factors in the design of the villas, with large windows, zenithal lighting, and cross ventilation to reduce energy consumption by up to 30%.
  • All appliances and lighting fixtures are energy efficient.

5. Villas as a whole

  • Each villa functions independently, yet they work synergistically as a whole.
  • No villa covers complete views of each other.
  • The phased construction helps the environment to adopt the project gradually, improving the adaptability of species to the project.

In addition to these actions, Villas Biznaga is considering even the smallest details so that the project is adopted by the natural environment in the best way, demonstrating SILMÉXICO has commitment to sustainable development.

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