Besides all the unique spots and landscapes Oaxaca has, this “Gastronomic Capital of Mexico” estate is a culinary treasure. 

The reason? House houses recipes for unique dishes in each of its cooks, in which different local foods are honored. 

Did you know that Oaxacan gastronomy was considered by UNESCO intangible cultural heritage of humanity? That’s right, and it is not for less. Oaxaca food is unique worldwide and meets the tastes of the most demanding palate. Proof of this is its 7 different moles, among the most representative we can find: black mole, prepared mostly in the Valles Centrales region; red, green, yellow, and coloradito. 

We can not leave behind the famous and delicious tlayuda, a big corn tortilla, with bean paste, exquisite quesillo, and of course its roast tasajo, cecina, or chorizo.

A must-visit during your stay in Oaxaca is the 20 de Noviembre market, where you can lose yourself in its corridors, smells, flavors, and colors of the different dishes that are offered there. Likewise in its special corridor of roast meat, you can enjoy it accompanied by roast onions, guacamole, and tomato sauce. 


The empanadas and tamales without a doubt are worth mentioning, they can also be found in the baskets of the cooks selling in different places. 

Whether in the hot season or on a normal day, you can’t stop trying tejate either, the drink of the gods, which has its origins in prehispanic times. It is made from corn, cocoa, and the cocoa flower. Also do not forget to taste a glass of chilacayota, or a fresh horchata or hibiscus water. 


As if that was not enough, either in the traditional markets or on different streets you will find people selling the different variations of bread: pan amarillo, hojaldras, and the traditional regional sweets

Perhaps you have already heard about the pan de muerto, it is mainly made in Tlacolula de Matamoros, a small town close to the city. This bread is precisely called that way due to the celebration of the Day of the Dead, this bread is accompanied by delicious hot chocolate


if you are more of those who like exotic dishes, then the chapulines (grasshoppers) are perfect for you, you can taste them in a taco with quesillo, avocado, and some lemon drops, or you can also try them already transformed in a delicate sauce. 


Finally, surely you have already tried mezcal, an ethylic drink obtained from the maguey, one of the greatest references of Oaxacan culture without a doubt, it is precisely the town of Matatlán that is recognized as the world capital of mezcal.


Our state’s geographical and climatic conditions allow it to have a vast variety of ingredients, from vegetables and fruits harvested in each of its regions and insects typical of the region, thus creating unique flavors, which are revered to this day, preserving the culinary legacy of our ancestors.


Written by Jessica Hernández

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