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Every year in July, the Guelaguetza and other events that frame it are carried out. In addition to the cultural importance that this tradition implies, the Guelaguetza means a tremendous economic benefit in the state due to the tourist influx that can be seen on these dates. 

2021 was the first year this party was not celebrated due to the health contingency that worldwide was experiencing. However, it was resumed in 2022 with great success, with a total of 259,681 visitors, which resulted in an economic benefit of 1,022 million pesos throughout the state. Only in the city was registered a hotel occupancy of 95% and an economic benefit of 463 million Mexican pesos. It is now that in 2023, with the pandemic situation under control, these data are expected to be exceeded.

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According to official information issued by the Government of the State of Oaxaca, at the beginning of July, with the presentation of the 3 convites, the different tourist activities that have already been carried out, and on the eve of the first Lunes del Cerro, there is already an average hotel occupancy of 54.53% with an economic income of 204 million pesos, with the arrival of 69,073 national and foreign tourists. 


These preliminary data demonstrate the dynamism of tourism in the state, and it is expected that the numbers will increase with the other activities that will take place in the coming days. According to the Ministry of Tourism, it is estimated that this season of 2023 there will be a final hotel occupancy of more than 82% in the City with the arrival of more than 129 thousand tourists and an approximate economic benefit of 432 million pesos.

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It is in this information where we can see the benefits that this festivity brings with it for thousands of merchants throughout the state, since in addition to visiting the City, tourists also choose destinations such as the Oaxacan coast, and other suburban municipalities, where different activities will also take place throughout July. 



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