PHOTO: BEACH IN CUATUNALCO March 29, 2024 Sales Department

March 26, 2024 Sales Department

With the arrival of the holidays, thousands of tourists from different parts of the Mexican Republic and the world also arrive to the paradisiacal Mexican beaches.

As is usually the case, visitors spend most of the day enjoying the beach so they bring food, drinks and more with them. Therefore, it is very important that we are responsible and environmentally friendly tourists and try to minimize the impact we cause on these natural environments as much as possible so that we can continue enjoying them in the future.

Below we share some tips to enjoy the beach responsibly:


  • Place all beverage bottles, disposable food containers, and snack wrappers in a plastic bag so you can put them in a trash can at the end of your visit.
  • If you smoke, collect all cigarette butts in a plastic bottle and carry them with you. 
  • Avoid using shampoo and soaps in beach showers, generally these residues infiltrate the sand and end up in the sea.
  • Avoid carrying the 6-pack of plastic rings as well as straws, as they tend to end up in the water and are harmful to certain marine species.
  • Use a sunscreen that is biodegradable, since these are specially created to ensure that they do not contain toxic or harmful chemicals for marine species and coral reefs.

Mexico has an enormous number of beaches with a great biodiversity of flora and fauna that are not found anywhere else, therein lies the need to re educate visitors and instill in them the responsibility of preserving, maintaining and caring for them.


Since a principle of responsible tourism is to leave the site the same or even better than you found it, we invite all local or foreign people who will visit us in the coming days to take care of and respect the beautiful beaches on the coasts of Oaxaca; This will allow our magnificent beaches to be enjoyed by many more generations.

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