Saturday, December 9, 2023 By Jessica Hernández Sales Assistant at SILMÉXICO  

SILMÉXICO is a company that is 100% committed not only to our clients and partners but also to the entire community that is involved in each of our projects. Our 3 pillars: sustainability, partnerships, and quality investments, drive our actions. We are aware that each member of our business family is a key player in the successful development of our goals.

Precisely because of our commitment to our community, and as part of our year-end activities, a few days ago we held a “slow-living retreat”, whose objective was for our employees to experience a disconnection from their daily work activities, and to enjoy a weekend connecting with themselves and with nature, as well as to promote a moment of reflection to rethink and recognize their individual and collective goals.

The activity took place at the site where our Villas Biznaga development will take place, which has been designed and is being built under the slow-living philosophy, we have already told you about in our blog What is the slow-living philosophy?

In this practice, SILMÉXICO members from all areas were able to coexist with each other in an activity that sought to establish a connection with the earth and thus harmonize energies, involving each of the living beings that are coexisting there, plants, animals, and humans. 

Likewise, a ceremony was held to thank Mother Nature for allowing the coexistence of all beings in Villas Biznaga. This ceremony was held with the worldview of toltequeidad, which is the wisdom that integrates all the knowledge of the peoples of the Anahuac, so that from this conception, thanks were given for the space of tranquility that nature offers us, the possibility of finding a balance with ourselves, and with all that exists that we get from our natural environment, recognizing that each of these elements dwells within us and that we must honor through their care and respect.

SILMÉXICO team members enjoyed the beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean that can be seen from the viewpoints that were built as part of the experience offered on-site.

 In the end, everyone enjoyed a tour of the construction site, where the engineers in charge explained the project and the interventions that have been carried out so far, every detail is being taken care of to follow the principles of slow living, which include care for the environment and personal care.

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