Wednesday, August 2, 2023

By Valeria Cadena Lopez 

Civil Engineer in SILMÉXICO


Over time, society has tended to invest in real estate projects, because they are one of the most feasible and intelligent investments that offer us a good return, in addition to their increase in purchasing power. If you are interested in investing in real estate, our SILMÉXICO team can guide you on this path.

If you are searching for the acquisition of land, SILMÉXICO will be happy to accompany you, advise you, and offer you the best deals in the state of Oaxaca that suit your needs. 

Once the site is acquired, a construction plan is prepared, which consists of carrying out the analysis-diagnosis, where we list each of the needs and desires of the client, with the experience of our team of engineers and architects, it is possible to develop an executive comprehensive project. 

It is important to carry out a financial analysis to calculate the costs of acquiring materials, construction costs, payments of construction personnel, and indirect costs. To ensure its cost, we consider the percentage of inflation and contingencies, to maintain a budget close to reality to mitigate cost overruns.

We maintain a direct link with our suppliers, which allows us to offer our clients better prices for materials and construction supplies, reducing the cost of construction.

It must be considered, that before starting building your project, our team must obtain the pertinent construction permits and licenses from the corresponding area to be built.

Executive projects are carried out based on the client’s needs, then soil mechanics tests and topographic surveys, to make calculation reports and prepare structural plans to guarantee the safety of your real estate project.

When starting the construction, the preliminary works of the foundation and structure are executed according to the design and structural calculation. Our technical team of specialized labor supervised by the Civil Engineer, allows the correct construction processes in the construction of your project, abiding by the technical construction regulations in force in the State. 

In the end, the delivery of your project is made, with a detailed review where we make sure together with the client the correct functioning of each of the areas, facilities, and equipment, granting the guarantee of your project. 

At SILMÉXICO we have a group of professionals in civil engineering, architecture, accounting, and legal, to make your real estate project a reality. Contact us by phone: 951-127-1380 or visit any of our offices in the state of Oaxaca.

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