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April 10th, 2024
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Sustainability is a fairly common term today, as it is used by people from different spheres of society: politicians, activists, businessmen and organizations. The issue of sustainability has become a common goal, a daily struggle to get more people to join this lifestyle and help conserve planet Earth. 

One of the forms that this lifestyle has taken is creating sustainable communities, but what are they? A sustainable community is a space where infrastructure is designed and managed with the aim of minimizing their environmental impact and promoting a high quality of life.

These types of communities are of great importance as they help protect the environment. Furthermore, it is intended that the society that lives in them is more inclusive, that they know how to act in community and know their rights and obligations.

Image of a park with skyscrapers in the background. The park is covered in lush green grass and there are a few trees in the foreground. The sky is a bright blue with some white clouds.

All of the above sounds very utopian and you may wonder: how can you build a community of these characteristics? Below we will address each of the actors that need to be part of the process to create a sustainable community.


SUSTAINABLE PLANNING/DESIGN: The planning and design of the project must be carried out from the beginning with a focus on sustainability: locating green spaces, energy efficiency in construction and sustainable transportation planning.


COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION: It is vital to have the active participation of community residents, as they must create joint strategies where citizens are involved in decision-making for the benefit of all.


ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION: Education and adoption of sustainability as a way of life is key in the community. It is necessary that schools and educational institutions teach future generations the importance of taking care of the planet.


SUSTAINABLE TECHNOLOGIES: The adoption of clean/sustainable technologies is the basis for successfully developing a community of this type. For example: use of solar energy, waste management, green roofs, water treatment plants, etc.

Image of a city skyline in the background, with a park in the foreground. The park is lush and green, with mature trees scattered throughout the grassy area. There are also walking paths winding through the trees. In the background, you can see a cluster of skyscrapers. The skyscrapers are a mix of different heights and architectural styles. The sky is a clear blue with a few wispy clouds.

This is part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of the United Nations Organization, in Sustainable Development Goal 11 (SDG 11), where the objective is established to achieve sustainable cities and communities through access for all population to housing, basic services and adequate means of transportation.

In addition, mention is made of the importance of promoting in cities the reduction of environmental impact, the increase of green areas, safe public spaces, sustainable urban planning and preserving the world’s cultural and natural heritage.


As we can see, the global trend is aimed at generating sustainable communities and this trend will continue to rise. Accordingly, at SILMÉXICO we are firmly committed to the environment and to the creation of spaces that promote a sustainable lifestyle.

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