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On the coast of Oaxaca there are still natural treasures hidden among mountains, mangroves, and at the foot of the sea. The beauty of the small coastal communities lies in their gastronomy, the peculiarity of their natural landscapes, and the hospitality of their inhabitants. This place is the cradle of our new and original development Villas Biznaga, so I will tell you all about the community and the beach there.

Colonia La Mina:

This little town on the Oaxacan coast belongs to the Municipality of San Pedro Pochutla. Among all the towns in the municipality, it is number 48, with an approximate number of 235 residents, and is located 78 meters above sea level.


La Mina is located 1 hour from Santa Maria Huatulco, 45 minutes from its airport, 1 hour and 29 minutes from Puerto Escondido, and 1 hour and 31 minutes from its airport. Nearby areas of interest include Zipolite, Estacahuite, and Puerto Angel. 

The economic activity is fishing, therefore its gastronomy is rich in fresh fish and seafood in different dishes. 

The predominant climate is warm, with mostly sunny days and an average temperature of 33° per year.

La Mina Beach:

In this community is located the beach that bears the same name, a hidden oasis and still considered virgin, since there is no hotel infrastructure, nor restaurants on it. 


La Mina is a beach of intense slope, light sand, and fine grain. The water has a fairly warm temperature and is transparent, with emerald-turquoise tones. Due to the fact that it is a beach protected by the orographic environment, it has a calm to moderate swell. It is a 100% family beach. 


This beach is considered a natural sanctuary for its peaceful atmosphere and its landscapes surrounded by rocky mountains where the calm crystalline waves flow.

Connection between the community and the development:

As this community is home to our new Villas Biznaga development, SILMÉXICO has from the beginning taken care of every detail where the economic, social, and environmental well-being of the locality have been considered.

For us, the environment is not simply the place where our project will be built; it is our home, the foundation upon which our efforts will flourish. We are deeply honored to have been entrusted with this land, and we recognize the profound responsibility that accompanies this privilege. 


As stewards of this natural treasure, we are committed to treating it with reverence and care, ensuring that our development leaves a minimal ecological footprint.

The development and growth of a community can go hand in hand with sustainability, which is why SILMÉXICO  seeks to create authentic experiences that can connect potential customers to the environmental and social fabric of the community.

In Villas Biznaga the most important thing is to reconnect with ourselves and with the people around us, that is why our development seeks to impact in the best way, not only the environment but also the people of the community, so we involve them in the different stages of the project. From the preparation of the workers’ food to the construction materials, the project seeks to keep the local people close to the project, so that they know it and participate directly, since they are the ones who know the locality best, and in this way generate a mutual benefit. 

Villas Biznaga will also promote different activities and workshops in La Mina to strengthen these ties and reinforce the town’s identity.

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