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Jueves 22 de febrero 2024 By Verónica González & Nidia Solís Sales Assistants    

Villas Biznaga is a real estate development located in Puerto Ángel, just a 10-minute walk from La Mina beach. The philosophical essence behind this incredible project is wellness and slow living, which seek physical, mental and emotional balance in the human being through connection with oneself and with the environment that surrounds us.


Starting from there, Villas Biznaga sought to incorporate elements that make it easier for its inhabitants to achieve a lifestyle full of pure serenity, through regenerative landscaping, trails, vegetable gardens and, the protagonists of today’s blog: Las Chilitas.

Conect to nature

Because Villas Biznaga seeks to generate connections with nature and reduce the speed at which we live daily, we decided to introduce goats to the land where it is being built, mainly to increase the natural cycle of some species, regulate their growth and provide fertilizer. natural to the earth.

This is where space opens up for regenerative landscaping, whose primary objective is to reduce the impact created by construction and contribute significantly to the environment.

Goats are a mammal species of the sheep genus that feed on almost any type of grass, fruit and grains. Being free in a space of land of 7,400 square meters, the goats are immersed in a wide variety of grasses, herbs and bushes from which they can feed. They perform essential functions within the Villas Biznaga project, being in charge of cleaning the land and, in turn, fertilizing naturally with their waste, to make way for the growth of more flora.

Villas Biznaga

The pillar concept behind this development is to provide a retreat space where the slow living lifestyle predominates. Therefore, our priority is to create an ideal area to reconnect with ourselves and form a community that encourages self-care and a deeper bond with nature.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to be part of an innovative community. Dare to start writing your own coastal story inside Villas Biznaga.

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