Friday, October 20, 2023
By Jessica Hernández Sales Assistant at SILMÉXICO


Oaxaca is about to dress up again, and as it is well known, this wonderful state has a great cultural diversity that is reflected in its customs and traditions celebrated throughout the year. This time, it is the turn of the Day of the Dead, the most significant tradition of Oaxaca and the Mexican people in general. It is precisely in this state located in the south of the country where this festivity is celebrated like nowhere else. 

The Day of the Dead is the ultimate representation of the syncretism between ancient indigenous traditions and beliefs and the teachings left by the Spanish in their conquest.

This holiday is a way to pay homage to our loved ones who are no longer with us on the earthly plane. With the passing of time, the tradition has been reinforced more and more, giving it the importance it deserves, which makes Oaxacans so proud.

To continue commemorating our traditions and not forgetting our roots, cultural activities are held every year in the capital and in different parts of the state, from October 29 to November 4.

The celebration begins with a grand parade on the 29th in the City Center, in which more than 40 contingents from the 13 neighborhoods of the capital will participate. Also, from that day on, altars and carpets representing the different regions of the state and the Afro-Mexican people will be displayed in different places of the Historic Center. Museums and galleries will also offer plastic arts workshops to make catrinas and skulls. Of course, these cultural demonstrations will include samples of pan de muerto and its exquisite chocolate, tamales, and traditional sweets.

There will also be a screening of the film of the Souls, and there will be concerts of popular music. 

Let’s remember that the practice and preservation of our traditions are what give us cultural identity, so we invite you to be part of this party, and that with us,  you fill yourself with the joy and pride that traditions such as the Day of the Dead evoke and motivate us to spread it in Mexico and the world.

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