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Friday, July 7, 2023

By Jessica Hernández

We are anxious to witness once again the presentations of the different delegations of our 8 regions in the Guelaguetza. It is not for less if, in each of these dances, we can see embodied the cultural richness of the peoples of Oaxaca, which will meet this July 17 and 24 to honor Oaxaca, a party that denotes the perfect mix of our indigenous roots. In the faces of the dancers, we can see the joy and pride that they generate to show the world their cultural heritage.

That is why, on the eve of the long-awaited party of the Oaxacan people, we present to you today the top 5 of the most anticipated dances at the Guelaguetza Auditorium.

5.- La danza de la Pluma

This dance is represented by 6 different towns in the Central Valleys region; San Bartolo Coyotepec, Villa de Zaachila and Cuilápam de Guerrero, San Martín Tilcajete, and San Jerónimo Tlacochahuaya. This dance represents the conquest of the Aztecs by the Spanish.

4.- Sones y chilenas

Representing the region of the Coast, this dance is one of the favorites of locals and foreigners, distinguished by its strong footwork and the mastery of the scarf or paliacate to the rhythm of the lively chilenas. During these minutes, the costeños show off their daring and flirtatious personality, which is manifested in their way of dancing, in their courtship games, or in the nice picaresque verses they share with the public.

3.- Jarabe Mixteco

As its name says, this dance represents the Mixteca region and is danced by the Huajuapam de León delegation. El Jarabe Mixteco is preferred due to the skill shown by the dancers in the jumps that are part of the steps, and the fluttering of the skirts of the women. This is also the most emotional dance since at the beginning they interpret our beloved Mixteca Song, we cannot fail to mention that just listening to this melody makes the skin bristle for all Oaxacans, because it makes us remember the love for our land.

2.- Chinas Oaxaqueñas

Also from the Central Valleys region, with its giant marmotas and monos de calenda, as well as the beautiful women with their baskets on their heads, adorned with flowers, accompanied by great merriment, are what make this delegation position itself as the number 2 in this top. 


1.- Flor de Piña

And in the first place, of course, we have the much-loved “Flor de Piña” for years this has been the favorite of locals and foreigners, the reason? Well, there are many, to tell the truth, from its happy melody, the Huipiles of cheerful and colorful embroideries of the dancers who represent each of the delegations that make up the Tuxtepec region, as well as the incredible spectacle that is witnessing their dance, since it is a dance that requires a lot of skill and speed due to its marked steps, and everyone’s favorite part is when in unison all the dancers stand in a line in front of the audience and walk forward with their pineapple on their shoulders.

This Monday, July 17, do not miss the first presentation of the Guelaguetza, where you can enjoy these and more performances. Each one of the delegations always gives their best to show the world what the customs and traditions of their towns are and that visitors take a little of our culture with them.

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