Are you thinking of visiting the Stunning Oaxacan beaches and you do not have a clue which ones are the best? Stay here, because we are going to tell you our top ten of the most beautiful beaches on the coast of Oaxaca.

We would like to start with La Entrega, located in Santa María Huatulco, a very crowded beach due to its deep and swell which are perfect for the fun of families with kids, also because you can practice there snorkeling so you can know its coralline reefs. You can sit in a pallet and admire the waves’ going and coming.

El Maguey, in Huatulco too, is a calm beach with turquoise waters, you can take banana tours and also practice snorkeling. Enjoy the delicious gastronomy of the place by eating in one of the restaurants by the seashore.

A small golden sand beach, placed in Huatulco is The Violin, perfect for those who seek to take a break in the tranquility of loneliness since this beach is hardly visited by tourists. It is really small, which is why you will not find bars or restaurants there but will find a particular view of the sea which is surrounded by rocky mountains.

Now it is the turn of El Órgano, this one is also in Santa María Huatulco and it is considered a virgin beach, its crystalline and blue-green waters have a moderate swell, it is recommendable for people who enjoy spaces more tranquil and without so much bustle.

Carrizalillo couldn´t be missed from this list. If you are thinking of learning to surf, this beach is ideal, there are people to teach you and the low swell will be your best ally.

Zicatela will impress you too, this is the most renowned beach worldwide for the practice of surfing, as this is a beach on the open sea, its waves reach a high of 6 meters, which makes it perfect for this sport. Each year in the month of November there is a surfing tournament, where locals, nationals, and foreigners participate who offer an incredible spectacle.

Mazunte is also one of our favorite ones, it is a beach that belongs to the magic town with the same name, here is where the turtles of the specie “golfina” spawn in the nights from June to December, it is a beach with gorgeous views and which is focused in the conservation of the marine turtles. At the west of Mazunte, you will find Punta Cometa, which definitely is a must-visit, it is a hill where you will see the best sunrises and sunsets since it is the most protruding mountain in Mexico in the south pacific.

The next on the list is Estacahuite beach, in this one the waves are moderate, and there is also a coral reef that, due to its conditions, is suitable for diving and sport fishing. It is ideal for taking underwater photos.

And last but not least, the “Chachacual bay”, which is composed of two lovely beaches, “La India” and “chachacual”, its only way of access is by a boat navigating the sea, so you can enjoy an astonishing view of the pacific in your way to this bay, where you can practice snorkel and admire its fauna in an environment of calmness and privacy.

Whichever beach you decide to visit do not doubt you will be speechless with these pacific paradises, enjoy the natural gifts the coast of Oaxaca has for you, do not forget to try local food, take your best pictures, be respectful of the flora and fauna and the most important, spend some magic days.

Written by Jessica Hernández.

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