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Nowadays there are many options to improve our quality of life. One of them, wellness, has been spread by experts on the subject for more than half a century. If we look it up in a dictionary, the literal translation of wellness is well-being. However, this is a much broader concept that refers to the balance between physical, mental and emotional health.


On the other hand, slow living is a philosophy that proposes slowing down our lifestyle, in order to take control of our time. This term was coined in the 80’s and basically talks about how to achieve a more relaxed lifestyle, aiming to control our time, instead of living subject to immediacy.

Benefits of a wellness and slow living lifestyle

As we could read previously, these two lifestyles complement each other perfectly: by adopting slow living we manage to take control of our time, which leads us to be able to focus our energies on what really matters: a balance in our physical, mental and emotional health.


Among the benefits that these life philosophies provide are:


  • Greater harmony with oneself, which causes a better mood and a better relationship with others.
  • Greater vitality: a body that performs physical activity increases its capacity in all areas.
  • Better self-esteem: this makes up a large part of our emotional balance.
  • Greater energy replenishment: this gives us the opportunity to better carry out the activities we like to do.

Wellness y slow living, the inspiration for Villas Biznaga

Villas Biznaga is a community focused on wellness and slow living, not only because of its proximity to the ocean, but because of the various elements that were added in its design and architecture with the purpose of making this a place to connect with nature. The concept of Villas Biznaga gives the possibility of living in an environment where things such as rest, communication, living in the present, being master of your own time and introspection are priorities.

Each villa seeks a connection with the outside, a dialogue not only with the ocean, where the views are focused, but also the green areas and regenerative landscaping are a fundamental part of generating greater comfort for the inhabitants.


Acquiring a property focused on wellness and slow living will benefit those who live there in many areas. Living in a home with a concept of open spaces and a wonderful view of the sea will allow you to slow down the pace of life, have a better rest and thus have more energy on a daily basis, improving your ability to concentrate and generating greater resistance to stressful situations.

We know that physical activity is essential for a lifestyle focused on wellness, that is why Villas Biznaga will have suitable spaces for residents to exercise while enjoying a beautiful view of the sea and thereby achieve better physical and mental performance in all areas of your life.


Other characteristics of Villas Biznaga that contribute to achieving a wellness or slow living lifestyle are:


  • Regenerative landscaping throughout the development which provides a sense of tranquility and connection to nature.
  • Some prototype villas have a terrace and private pool with enough space to exercise or simply meditate with the sound of the ocean waves as your soundtrack.
  • The architecture of the villas has an open space style and large windows that allow in a lot of natural light.

Imagine living in your dream home and having all the comforts to achieve a balance between your physical, mental and emotional health. For Villas Biznaga the priority is to reconnect with ourselves and create a community that encourages self-care and a deeper connection with nature.

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