Monday, December 4, 2023, By Jessica Hernández, Sales Assistant at SILMÉXICO

In a previous article, we discussed the slow living philosophy as a new option that responds to the need for relaxation and a calm pace of life that humanity has today. On the coast of Oaxaca is Villas Biznaga, a new development that is materializing under this ideology.

About Landscaping

Slow living is to connect with the environment where we will live, therefore, in Villas Biznaga you can know and feel where your villa will be located through landscaping. A traditional development would level the land, eliminating animal and plant species from the property. On the contrary, by building in stages, we allow the environment to adopt our development gradually, for this, we will recover about 40% of the current vegetation of the property, which will be used in the roofs, so that the project is adopted by the existing environment.

Our viewpoints

Through the construction of viewpoints on-site, we want you to experience the views you will have from the terrace of your villa, where you can contemplate the immensity of the Pacific Ocean and appreciate warm sunsets. It is important to note that about 50% of the wood used in these small but significant interventions is recycled, as one of the commitments in the development of the project is ecological awareness.


One of the issues that characterizes this development, is the meticulousness in the details, therefore, walkways have also been implemented, which were created following the paths that already existed for years on the land, so it was not necessary to cut large shrubs.

The objective of highlighting these paths is that you can experience the journey through the land and connect with it and the species of flora that inhabit it.


This philosophy seeks to generate connections with nature and reduce the speed of everyday life. Therefore, we introduced goats to the site to increase the natural cycle of some species, regulating their growth and providing fertilizer to the land. This is regenerative landscaping, seeking to reduce the impact that will be generated with the construction, supporting the environment in key points, which contribute significantly to the environment.

Our vegetable gardens

To take advantage of all the qualities of our land we decided to intervene in already affected spaces, with gardens of organic species such as:

  •   zucchini
  •   tomato
  •   corn
  •   cilantro

The vegetables generated in the gardens will be used for consumption by our workers.

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