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The Villas Biznaga project becomes more and more relevant every day in the world of architecture and design. An excellent example of this is the article that was made about this incredible development in the Architectural Digest Mexico y Latin America magazine, which defines itself as “a constantly updated window to the world of design, decoration, architecture and art, new directions and destinations, names and releases.”


In this magazine, you will find articles about the buildings with the most impressive designs from all around the world, as well as the luxurious mansions of different celebrities and majestic projects by the most renowned architects. Therefore, the fact that a development has a space on this important platform is something worth celebrating for the developer, architects, engineers and the entire team behind it.


One of the aspects of Villas Biznaga that stands out most throughout this article is that it is a sustainable development, friendly to its surroundings and the environment, this being the main objective of the project.


The main requirement when designing Villas Biznaga was to “generate homes for users who want to remain retired in a space of contemplation towards nature”, which translates into creating a space where the pace of life becomes slow (slow living) and this allows one to disconnect with the outside.


Another outstanding aspect of Villas Biznaga is its fascinating architecture, since the concept is to generate volumes like rocks that emerge from the same topography of the land. This was achieved through the use of materials such as concrete, which mimics the construction with the sandy tones of La Mina beach.


The developer of this project, SILMÉXICO, had the vision of creating a community that fosters connection with nature, as well as providing a space on the Oaxacan coast for people who wanted to follow the slow living lifestyle, the same style as the community in La Mina beach had already been developing for some time before. It is at this point where SILMÉXICO looks for an ally to bring this vision to reality and joins forces with Espacio 18, who with their talent helped shape the architectural product.


SILMÉXICO finds architecture as a way to achieve larger goals, always maintaining a focus on caring for the environment and collaborating with the community where this project will be planted.


Villas Biznaga is already under construction and the expected date to complete the first phase of the project is in 2024. The concept behind this development is to provide a retirement space where the slow living lifestyle predominates. The priority is to create a space to reconnect with ourselves and form a community that encourages self-care and a deeper connection with nature.

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