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The biznaga, whose scientific name is Echynocactus Platyacanthus, is a type of slow-growing cactus known as one of the most emblematic in Mexico. This plant, endemic to America, has around 110 genera and nearly 2000 species in its family. Due to the above, our country is considered the one with the greatest diversity of this plant.

The importance of biznagas in the ecosystem

Biznagas are plants that adapt very well to extreme and arid climates. Its morphology is specially designed for effective water saving, because of its round shape, they can minimize water loss through evaporation and thus ensure its survival.

In addition, biznagas have large, aromatic and brightly colored flowers, which attract small animals such as butterflies, bees, hummingbirds, bats and bumblebees that feed on them and contribute to pollination. As for its dry and juicy fruits, they serve as food for reptiles, birds and small mammals that help disperse its seeds.

Inspiration for the creation of Villas Biznaga

Being a native plant to the area where this incredible project will be located, SILMÉXICO decided to take the name of this cactus and give it the prominence it deserves. For this reason, the development revolves around the biznaga, from the conceptual issue of the different prototypes of villas to the landscaping proposal.

Because it is an endangered species, Villas Biznaga seeks to focus on maintaining and preserving this plant by including it in all of the villas’ regenerative landscaping. 

It is important to highlight that the prototypes of the different types of villas are named after some of the multiple species or are related to parts of the biznaga: Teo, Porfiria, Chilita, Órgano, Palmilla and Cactus.

Imagine living in your dream home and at the same time contributing to the preservation of an endemic species in the area. For Villas Biznaga the priority is to reconnect with ourselves and create a community that encourages self-care and a deeper connection with nature.

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