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The coasts of Oaxaca witness a spectacle of nature every year: the sighting of humpback whales. Starting in the month of November and until the month of March is the period when you can observe these cetaceans swimming on the coasts of the Pacific Ocean.

Whale migration

These mammals, which can measure between 16 and 19 meters in adulthood, are the animals with the longest migratory routes in the world. Scientists have managed to track whales that have traveled 18,941 km in a period of 265 days. Leaving from the icy waters off the coast of Alaska, humpback whales migrate south in search of warmer waters to reproduce and have their calves.

The area where they can be seen most frequently is on the coasts of the entire Mexican Republic, where boat rides are commonly offered to tourists to observe them from safe areas. This species is known for its distinctive songs and acrobatic skills, witnessing it is an unforgettable experience.

Whale watching from La Mina

La Mina beach, located in Puerto Ángel, is the ideal place to live because the inhabitants of this area can enjoy whale watching practically without leaving home.


One of the newest developments in this area, Villas Biznaga, offers what any nature lover could want: luxury villas with a spectacular sea view, surrounded by endemic flora and fauna. Just a 10-minute walk from La Mina beach, these oceanfront villas are perfect. Investing in one of these properties means being able to enjoy whale watching every year from the comfort of your home.

Imagine enjoying your morning coffee, sitting on your private terrace and watching a spectacle as incredible as whales swimming with their calves and a few others doing acrobatics. For Villas Biznaga the most important thing is to reconnect with ourselves and there is no better way to do it than enjoying the wonders of nature on a daily basis.

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