SILMEXICO and Best Western Alliance PART 2

PHOTO: BEST WESTERN HOTEL EL DORADO, PANAMÁ. May 15th, 2024 Sales Department In our previous blog, we shared an introduction to the alliance created between SILMÉXICO and Best Western Hotel Group where we explained that it consists of offering hoteliers and investors a diversified portfolio of brands with different features and services designed to generate […]

The wealth of investments in historic cities of Mexico

El moro

PHOTO: DEVELOPMENT “EL MORO” IN HISTORIC CENTRE OF OAXACA May 1st, 2024 Sales Department Mexico is a country steeped in history and culture, where the legacy of ancient civilizations is intertwined with modernity. One of the most distinctive characteristics of Mexico are its historic cities, true treasures that offer a unique opportunity to invest and […]

Sustainable Communities

Image of a person overlooking la pacific ocean from Villas Biznaga

PHOTO: CÉSAR BELIO, 2024 April 10th, 2024Sales Department Sustainability is a fairly common term today, as it is used by people from different spheres of society: politicians, activists, businessmen and organizations. The issue of sustainability has become a common goal, a daily struggle to get more people to join this lifestyle and help conserve planet […]

5 beaches on the Coast of Oaxaca that you didn’t know about

PHOTO: CUATUNALCO BEACH April 2nd, 2024 Sales Department The coast of Oaxaca is characterized by its beautiful beaches that have become a refuge for thousands of foreign and national visitors looking for a beautiful and quiet place to vacation.   Although the Oaxacan coast has a large influx of tourists, the majority limit themselves to […]

Responsible tourism

PHOTO: BEACH IN CUATUNALCO March 29, 2024 Sales Department March 26, 2024 Sales Department With the arrival of the holidays, thousands of tourists from different parts of the Mexican Republic and the world also arrive to the paradisiacal Mexican beaches. As is usually the case, visitors spend most of the day enjoying the beach so […]

San Andrés Huayapam: land of traditions

PHOTO: CHURCH OF SAN ANDRÉS HUAYAPAM. March 26, 2024Sales Department San Andrés Huayapam, whose name comes from the Nahuatl <hueyatl: sea> and <pan: sobre> “over the sea”; It is one of the 570 municipalities that make up the state of Oaxaca. This community is located 20 minutes away from the city of Oaxaca de Juárez […]

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