SILMÉXICO tiene el gran honor de anunciar el convenio profesional con la UNIVERSIDAD LA SALLE OAXACA.

Benefits of commercializing your property with SILMEXICO

December 21, 2022

When thinking about selling your house, you may think that this is a complicated process, although it is true that it is a bit tedious and that it requires paperwork, this does not have to be the case, therefore the figure of a real estate agent is the most convenient. When you have a property […]

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Preferential places to live in Oaxaca | SILMEXICO

December 05, 2022

The state of Oaxaca is without a doubt a dream destination, not only for vacationing, but also for living. The mix between its gastronomic diversity, flora and fauna, its traditions and archaeological sites positioned it within UNESCO, granting it the title of Cultural Heritage of Humanity since 1987.It is well known that more and more […]

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Kinds of properties in Oaxaca | SILMEXICO

November 28, 2022

Oaxaca is a state rich in culture, traditions and ecosystems that attract thousands of tourists each year, it is a state that offers multiple investment options in real estate, being a very profitable option for local and mainly foreign investors. In Oaxaca there are different types of properties that you should consider and that your […]

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¿Por qué comprar en preventa? | Silmexico

November 16, 2022

Al tomar la decisión de comprar una propiedad en preventa es garantía de plusvalía, los expertos en inversión inmobiliaria señalan que adquirir propiedades desde preventa cuando el inmueble aún no está construido se generan casos de éxito, donde los compradores recuperan su inversión en menos de 3 años aproximadamente. Las preventas inmobiliarias nos dan la […]

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Consultoría inmobiliaria SilMéxico

November 12, 2022

SilMéxico es una consultoría inmobiliaria en donde ofrecemos servicios especializados en bienes raíces. El extenso conocimiento que cada uno de nuestros integrantes posee en la materia y experiencia nos respaldan. Nuestra experiencia nos permite guiar a los clientes en el proceso de vender o adquirir un bien inmueble. Son distintas las actividades que llevamos a […]

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Acquisition of properties in Mexico by foreigners.

November 04, 2022

Every time there are more foreigners who want to acquire properties in Mexico, either to live or to invest. Well, if you are foreigner and your intention is to buy real estate in the country, here is important information you must know and take into account. Fraction I of the Article 27 of the Mexican […]

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