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Picture by Rafael Colorado Arredondo

The Macedonio Alcalá theater is par excellence one of the most famous and beautiful buildings in the City of Oaxaca, likewise, it is considered one of the most important theaters in the country due to the Renaissance artistic elements that compose it.

This enclosure was created by Engineer Rodolfo Franco Larránizar in 1904, inaugurating on September 5, 1909, this was the greatest example in Oaxaca of modernist architecture with French influences, characteristic buildings of the Porfiriato.

In its beginnings, it was not a theater and it did not bear the name by which it is known today. In its early years, it was a casino and it was called Luis Mier y Terán, years later in the Revolution it was renamed General Jesús Carranza, until in the thirties it was named Macedonio Alcalá in honor of the Mexican musician and composer who was the creator of what today is considered the Oaxacan anthem El Dios nunca Muere.

Picture by Rafael Colorado Arredondo

Regarding its structure, it has three levels with a mezzanine inside; At the entrance to the main door, there is the lobby that has a staircase and a marble floor, which are combined with the elegance of its walls that shine with the decoration in the Louis XV or Rococo style.

Since its premiere to date, an endless number of cultural and sports shows have been presented; in addition to music concerts and dance and theater shows, in the middle of 1926, there were boxing, wrestling, fencing, gymnastic tables, and skating; it also hosted magic and film acts.

Undoubtedly, the Macedonio Alcalá Theater is a cultural and architectural treasure that beautifies our city. On your next stay in the city, don’t forget to visit this venue and attend one of the artistic demonstrations that take place there.

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