March 7, 2024 By Verónica González & Nidia Solís Sales Assistants

Villas Biznaga has a pavilion focused on contemplating the sunrise and pure contact with nature. This wonderful intervention is located on the coasts of Oaxaca, specifically in Puerto Ángel, just a 10-minute walk from La Mina Beach.


Among the amenities it has are three viewpoints, a palapa and a pool. During the development of these amenities, the SILMÉXICO project team sought landscape intervention to convey to visitors the importance of conserving and preserving the natural context. 


The viewpoints are designed to enhance the views that can be observed throughout the day and night on the land, while the palapa becomes an ideal place for resting and contemplating La Mina beach, which is a surrounding area that captivates with the turquoise tone of its waters and the gold of its sand.


It is worth mentioning that, due to the location of the property, the viewpoints are privileged points that allow you to observe various species throughout the year, such as whales and eagles. In the same way with the flora, which allows us to admire its changes throughout the different seasons of the year.

Another topic that is worth highlighting is that the intervention and damage to nature was minimal, since paths that already existed on the land previously were followed. Likewise, these previous voids of vegetation were taken advantage of to install the viewpoints and the palapa. Likewise, recycled wood is part of another relevant point of the intervention, since the structures were made with more than 50% of it, which was rescued from other works and from loading pallets.


If your lifestyle is oriented to sustainability, wellness and slow living, Villas Biznaga is the ideal option for you. Don’t wait any longer and be part of a community that prioritizes physical, mental and emotional well-being, as well as the connection with nature and care for the environment.

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