El Faro, property for sale in Huamelula, Tehuantepec

San Pedro Huamelula

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Lot size: 3791825.42 m²
40815208.82088 ft²
Type: Status: Internal code: LT 422 MN


Price per square meter: $300 USD

Excellent investment opportunity, private property lot for sale. Two polygons with the following measurements, the first one with a surface area of 3,222,927.79 square meters/796.4 acres and the second one with a surface area of 568,897.63 square meters/140.58 acres, located in the Santa María Huamelula sector, Tehuantepec, Oaxaca, it’s a mesa with 3.9 kilometers/2.42 miles of three types of beach: medium, small and minimum (waves/surge). It has a small, 16-meter/17.5-yard long beach, covered by two cliffs, with low and medium-quality lands for farming, crags and access to the lagoon. It has a permanent freshwater reservoir throughout the year, as well as natural attractions, due to the presence of shrimp and red crab fishing season in the large lagoon called “Laguna del Rosario”. Property with an enormous potential thanks to its size and variety.

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  • City: Oaxaca
  • Estado: Oaxaca
  • Neighborhood: San Pedro Huamelula.
  • Country: México
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