How to identify and take advantage of opportunities in the real estate market

June 27, 2024 Sales Department The real estate market in Mexico has shown constant growth in recent years. According to “El Economista”, in 2022 the housing industry represented 5.7% of the national GDP, consolidating itself as one of the main drivers of the country’s economy.   Identifying opportunities in this market can be the key […]

Real Estate and sustainability

Puerto Angelito

June 20th, 2024 Sales Department Sustainability is a term that has gained a lot of strength in recent years. This refers to development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the capacity of future generations, always guaranteeing a balance between economic growth, care for the environment and social well-being.  This concept arose for […]

After the polls, impact on business and real estate in Mexico

urnas real estate

June 12th, 2024 Sales Department 10 days after the presidential elections were held in Mexico, today we are going to explore a topic that is trending nationally and internationally: the results of the 2024 elections in Mexico and its influence on the business and the real estate market. Read on to break down this event […]

SILMEXICO and Best Western Alliance PART 2

PHOTO: BEST WESTERN HOTEL EL DORADO, PANAMÁ. May 15th, 2024 Sales Department In our previous blog, we shared an introduction to the alliance created between SILMÉXICO and Best Western Hotel Group where we explained that it consists of offering hoteliers and investors a diversified portfolio of brands with different features and services designed to generate […]

The wealth of investments in historic cities of Mexico

El moro

PHOTO: DEVELOPMENT “EL MORO” IN HISTORIC CENTRE OF OAXACA May 1st, 2024 Sales Department Mexico is a country steeped in history and culture, where the legacy of ancient civilizations is intertwined with modernity. One of the most distinctive characteristics of Mexico are its historic cities, true treasures that offer a unique opportunity to invest and […]


Wednesday, November 29, 2023By Jessica HernándezSales Assistant at SILMEXICO   “Time enjoyed is the real time lived.” Jorge Bucay   After the pandemic caused by the coronavirus, the rhythm and lifestyle of the whole humanity was affected, and many were forced to change their eating habits, their work, and even their place of residence. After […]

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