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Are you about to purchase a property and have doubts about the buying and selling process? Whether it is land, commercial premises, housing, or whatever type of property you have in mind to buy, the ideal is to always have the guidance of a person who already has experience in these processes and who knows how to give you answers and solutions to eventualities that may arise. That is why in this section we tell you the reasons why having a real estate agent will make your purchasing process easier and more accurate.


Pre-selection of properties

Communication with your real estate advisor will be your greatest ally since it is important that you be honest with him or her about what you are looking for and the budget you have in mind. You must define from the beginning your preferential area and the characteristics of the property; it will depend on whether your advisor makes a good classification of potential options for you.

Planning appointments to visit properties

Your real estate agent will act as a mediator and will help you organize the necessary appointments to the pre-selected properties, in such a way that you will save time and will be ready only to take the tours, in order to rule out possibilities and choose the one that best suits your needs. liking.

Knowledge about market trends in the area

Due to his/ her experience, your advisor will know what the trends are in the area of ​​your interest, he/ she will explain to you the approximate price per square meter, in order to know if the property is within your budget and within the characteristics that you are looking for.

Negotiation skills

While it is true that there will be properties with already fixed prices, the payment scheme or the price itself can always be negotiated in some way. This is where your advisor plays an important role, as they are people with negotiation and persuasion skills, seeking benefits for you without affecting the interests of any of the parties involved.

Knowledge of required documentation

Likewise, your advisor will tell you what documents the owner of the property must show you to ensure that the purchase will be 100% safe and that everything is in order with it, as well as their experience regarding the content that the purchase and sale contract.


Guide from start to finish

Your real estate advisor will be with you from the property profiling until the signing of the final purchase and sale contract, guaranteeing that your real estate transaction is successful and that you can enjoy your new acquisition, whether for a home or for investment.

There are many advantages that you obtain by working with a professional, who will be in charge of finding the best option that suits your needs and that fits your budget. At SILMÉXICO we have a group of real estate professionals, prepared to provide you with advice on your next investment. Likewise, our legal consulting team will be able to guide you on documentation, strategies, and taxes.

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