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Over the years, the idea of having homes that promote a healthier lifestyle has been strengthened, and today has been supported by the trend of sustainable construction. Different countries are increasingly opting for this type of initiative, thus promoting different mechanisms that guide developers to build buildings under standards in favor of the environment and people’s health, such as the different certifications that we have already discussed in previous publications ( WELL, LEED)

Mexico has not been the exception, specifically, in Oaxaca, an emerging destination that in recent years has become the favorite of national and foreign visitors, both for vacations and living permanently.



First, let’s make it clear what this concept in real estate refers to: the WELLNESS trend is directly related to the well-being, health, and happiness of people, it involves 5 guidelines: physical, emotional, spiritual, environmental, and social development.

The characteristics of developments with a WELLNESS approach are:


  • The design of the house has to be thought about the comfort of the people

  • Technology and innovation are implemented to improve the quality and well-being of homes

  • Buildings must be comfortable, safe, and comfortable

  • The house should take advantage of natural light

  • The air conditioning of the building must be efficient

  • The energy consumption of the property must be close to zero

  • Ventilation must be cross

From 2020 to date, this trend has taken on great relevance, derived from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, people now see their home as a refuge to safeguard their health and not just as a place to live and rest.

In Oaxaca, this trend has taken on great relevance. Since many retired people come from other countries, mainly the United States and Canada, who come to the state to lead a quieter life here, developers have taken on the task of building homes adapted to these needs.

A clear example is “Las Pozas”, a development close to the City focused on a WELLNESS lifestyle. Only 25 minutes from the Historic Center of the City, this development is the protagonist for investors and new residents in Oaxaca. Its proximity to the center, the views it offers, its spaces surrounded by nature, and the tranquility that can be experienced in the place, make it the ideal home. Immersed in a lifestyle surrounded by art and nature, Las Pozas is a development that promotes care for the environment and awareness towards more natural consumption.

Undoubtedly, a project that has the characteristic imprint of SILMÉXICO. Likewise, on the coast of Oaxaca, a new concept is being developed that will revolutionize the trend in ecological housing, of course having the WELLNESS concept as its main pillar, and whose objective is to be a project with low environmental impact, non-invasive, and that offers well-being in all senses to residents, collaborators and the environment itself.


Today people are looking for properties that offer security, well-being, and comfort to carry out various activities such as studying, working, exercising, etc.

If you are interested in this type of housing, find out about the wide range of real estate that we offer in SILMÉXICO and contact us through any of our different communication channels:




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